From wires to the cloud. From radio to digital. From breaking news to podcasts. From lens to screen.

We are the space in between.

Media Technology and Infrastructure Services

CBC/Radio Canada is the team spearheading the transformation of an icon, from behind the scenes.

It takes teams of innovative individuals dedicated to their work, to the organization and to Canadians.

We come together from a diverse range of academic and cultural backgrounds, representing the very audience we work hard to impress.

We are here to fulfill our mission, to carry out a strategy and to bring the future forward.

We are focused on delivering information and entertainment to Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast in an engaging way, at any time, in any format they want.

We are Developers, Designers, Support Specialists, Operators, Architects, Engineers, and Programmers. We share ideas and laughs. We eat together and compete in games against each other. We learn, we teach and we grow.

Don’t stand still - Join us to move forward.

As part of the Transmission team, I travel quite a bit with my coworkers. I’ve had the chance to go from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Right now, we are working on a significant expansion and modification of the transmitter network at CBC/Radio-Canada. At the end of the day, we are satisfied knowing we made a difference in how Canadians can see or hear our content. Plus, we have a good time too as a group.
Sébastien Dumont
Senior RF Systems Technologist

It was my first job right out of school and the chance to work for CBC/Radio-Canada was incredibly attractive. Even now, there are new challenges as we push forward with new technologies and a new way of doing things. Joining now, you will get to be a part of that – aligning departments, tech, tools and processes. It’s exciting to introduce new solutions and new products that are moving us forward. CBC/Radio-Canada is not just one big corporation. It’s not just a job; we are family. You will make friends here: people you work with, people you help, people you meet on courses. There is room to grow and evolve. It’s a great place to develop your career – I’ve been here 23 years and am eager to spend the next 10 years here.

Sylvain Robillard
Senior Developer

My role allows me to tackle issues and basically solve “puzzles” wherever my expertise is needed.  I need an environment where I’m stimulated and things are constantly evolving. I consider myself lucky to be part of a forward-thinking department where we’re encouraged to bring in new ideas with the goal to offer the best possible value for the business. This is a place where we are supported, given opportunities to grow and are recognized. There is also a great work-life balance;  a strong human factor where people genuinely care about and look out for each other.

Steve Sahakyan
Solutions Design Lead, Applications Solutions
I joined CBC/Radio-Canada five years ago in the middle of a significant IT transformation. There was a lot of room to learn new technologies, to be challenged and to be part of the vision. Our senior management team is very down to earth; any problem, any issue that we face is easy to deal with because of the support we have. There is transparency here around the future vision and how you can be part of it.
Rilton Souza
Solution Architect
I always wanted to work for our national public broadcaster. I get to be part of a great Canadian institution with a rich history and legacy. It is a challenging and changing industry. We’re always pushing forward to the next thing; whether that’s in technology, communications media or culture.
Paul Magee
Project Lead
I wanted the chance to be challenged working with a lot of data and new technologies. I wanted to be part of something bigger and make an impact. CBC/Radio-Canada was able to provide me with all of that. The Architect I work with is a great mentor who shares a lot of information with us. It’s a great place to grow and learn.
Melanie Langevin
Application Developer
I have the opportunity to work on a full range of systems specifically for content presentation. These are critical systems so when there is an on-air issue, you have to resolve it quickly. I find that urgency exciting. If you can’t get something on air, it’s not just your team or your company or even your client that knows it, here, it’s the whole country. We never let that happen.
Emilio Lina
Systems Technologist

This is my first job opportunity in Canada and it means a lot to me as a new Canadian to be part of CBC/Radio-Canada. As an Application Developer, I get to work on different modules of SAP through in-house developments and third-party integrations; everything from debugging to recommending and implementing new enhancements for our users – the people who make up CBC/Radio-Canada. Being part of a smaller department supporting a national organization, I have hands-on opportunities to be involved with all of our new and legacy solutions; without being siloed into just one piece. I am constantly learning; both on the job through exposure to new technologies, as well as through knowledge transfer sessions with my colleagues. I’m also about to start French classes which is exciting and an advantage when working for a bilingual company.

Application Developer
As a Systems Administrator for, I truly believe I am doing my part as a Canadian. This was my first job in Canada and I have been there for three years. It’s a fantastic team at every level with strong communication and collaboration. There is always something new to learn, something to dig into and investigate and solve. There are opportunities available to work on interesting projects and to expand your skills through courses. Anyone who joins CBC/Radio-Canada is going to find the work technically satisfying. We are moving to the Cloud; we are open to new technologies and tools. We aren’t stuck on any one thing and we are continually innovating. The great thing is you get to be part of a team that cares, that wants to be here and is happy to do their job every day.
Solmaz Zolfkhani
Senior Analyst

I’m passionate about working with a range of technologies at CBC/Radio-Canada. From setting up the telecom solutions for our new building in Montreal, to smaller network projects across Canada, I’m always exploring and working with new tech. I am given a new learning opportunity daily and the chance to travel across the country. CBC/Radio-Canada strikes a good balance between daily work, professional development, and life. It’s the sweet spot that you hope to find. The industry is changing so we work to stay relevant and I get to be part of that; a part of a company that means so much to the Canadian public.

Rodrigo Maupome
Project Lead for IT, Telecom Solutions

This organization means a lot to Canadians, and people want to be part of that. Our teams deliver content and value to all Canadians. The individuals who work here are proud to be part of that. They are driven to make it happen and they collaborate closely to ensure it does.  We have impressive capabilities.
François Vaillant
Executive Director, Engineering Solutions, MTIS at CBC/Radio-Canada
Our office is a piece of the multinational quilt that is our identity. It means something to be part of it. There’s a lot of opportunity for development. In-house training, specialized leadership courses and collaboration with various departments. You have exposure to all the highest leaders while building relationships with people on the teams.
Kate Wightman
Manager, Office of the Executive Vice-President, MTIS at CBC/Radio-Canada
While the tale of starting in the mailroom no longer exists, there are remarkable stories of how someone followed their dreams here – and if you have the drive and motivation to express your interest and apply for those jobs, you can do anything here.
Scott Stewardson
Executive Director, Production Solutions, MTIS at CBC/Radio-Canada
CBC/Radio-Canada is viewed as a pillar of Canadian society. Being in public broadcasting, there is a level of prestige as we have a good reputation; as part of Information Security, MTIS, you feel as if you protecting a piece of Canadian culture.
Michel Arredondo
Senior Director, Information Security, MTIS at CBC/Radio-Canada
Our Real Estate projects are all over Canada at different locations with different people. We adhere to modern project and space planning practices. In fact, we are quite advanced in how we design space, engage employees and how we focus on designing a collaborative space.
Martin Marcotte
Executive Director, Real Estate Solutions, MTIS at CBC/Radio-Canada
The people who join my teams need to be willing to try new things and want to work with peers. It’s a very collaborative environment here and there has been a visible shift in mentors with new members coaching senior ones.
Pascal Cadieux
Executive Director, Applications Solutions, MTIS at CBC/Radio-Canada
There’s a complexity here on a scale that most people will never encounter in their careers. This is the place to channel your commitment and your passion. Bring your best and together we will make you better.
Bruce MacCormack
Head of Business Strategy, MTIS at CBC/Radio-Canada