CBC / Radio-Canada


English Services

  • CBC Radio One
    (news, current affairs, arts and culture via radio and Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 159)

  • CBC Radio 2
    (classical, jazz and popular music via radio and four online channels: Classical, Jazz, Canadian Songwriters,
    Canadian Composers)

  • CBC Radio 3 
    (emerging Canadian music via the Internet, podcast and Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 152)

  • CBC Television
    (news, information, sports
    and entertainment)

  • CBC News Network
    (continuous news and information via television)

  • bold
    (drama, comedy, performing
    arts and sports coverage)

  • documentary
    (Canadian and international documentaries, films and series)

  • CBC.ca 
    (news, information, streaming video and audio, sports highlights, Web features and multimedia archives)

French Services

  • Première Chaîne 
    (information and cultural programming via radio)

  • Espace musique
    (classical, jazz, vocal, world, and emerging music via radio and Sirius Satellite Channel 153)

  • Bande à part 
    (popular and alternative French-language music via Espace musique, the Internet, podcast and Sirius Satellite Radio
    Channel 161)

  • Première plus
    (news, current affairs and culture, in partnership with Radio Canada International and Radio France International, via Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 160)

  • Sports extra
    (sports information and analysis via Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 156)

  • Télévision de Radio-Canada
    (news, current affairs, drama, culture, variety, sports, and programming for children and youth)

  • Réseau de l’information de Radio‑Canada (RDI)
    (continuous news, information and current affairs via television)

    (programming featuring diverse cultures and perspectives, from 10 broadcast partners, including Radio-Canada)

  • ARTV
    (arts and culture)

  • TOU.TV 
    (on-demand Web television, created by Radio-Canada, featuring programming from almost 50 national and international producers and broadcasters)

  • Espace.mu 
    (customized and mostly French-language music via the Internet in seven genres: pop, jazz, classical, hip-hop, rock, country-folk and world music)

  • Radio-Canada.ca 
    (news, information, streaming video and audio, and Web features)

Combined Services

  • Radio Canada International 
    (Canadian information and culture in seven languages via the Internet, digital and analogue shortwave, satellite, and partner stations worldwide)

  • CBC North
    (linking Canada’s northern communities via radio and television, in English, French and eight Aboriginal languages)

  • CBC News Express/RDI Express
    (bilingual news and information service in five large Canadian airports, serving over 62 million travelers annually)

  • CBC Records/Les disques SRC
    (label recording Canadian musicians and releasing about eight CDs annually)

  • CBC Mobile Productions/Les Productions mobiles de Radio-Canada
    (services for in-house production, and generating programming revenue by selling to the third party market)

  • CBC Shop/Boutique
    Radio-Canada (on-site and online shop selling CBC|Radio-Canada audio and audio/visual recordings of programs, as well as related merchandise)